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jump, slash, and dash your way through this super smooth, fast-paced, vertical platformer to see if you have what it takes to make it to the top. 

no one has ever made it all the way before but some say a huge prize is up for grabs!

- smooth controls

- upgrades

- character customisation

- procedural animation (60 fps)

- rebind-able keys

- controller support

- local scores 

© TERA14 — developed by mordecai 

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Arcade, Controller, Difficult, Fast-Paced, GameMaker, jumping, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, weird
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any)


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noboru OST (4 tracks) 7 MB
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Hey, your game is being used by hackers on discord to obtain user accounts and billing information. Theyre using screenshots of your game but they have changed the name to Takoyla.

This has just happened to my team and we lost our discord server in it's entirety and they attempted to charge one of us for Nitro multiple times.

Sorry for the late reply, could you DM me on Twitter? twitter.com/xmdcai

Hi I really like the game but I would suggest adding a fullscreen option because I keep clicking outside the window and it gets a little frustrating. Also kinda wondering when more updates will be coming along.

Kinda reminds me of Katana Zero

i beat it 5 times, 3 in a row i cannot be stopped terakorp

congratulations gifted one!

it is 6 in a row now I can feel my soul leaving 

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Hi tera, awesome game, i love it!

I have some ideas and suggestions for ya.

I'd like if you implemented a reset button. Resetting all the data and stuff so you can just, start from zero again! I played Noboru a lot and once you reach the absolute, unlocking everything, beating the game 30 times, you start getting bored. at this point you got better at the game, so for you, doing a no-hit run, is one of the most easy things to do! Resetting everything will make it harder to unlock again every single thing.


Adding a low-particles mode would be really helpful, when i start a run, the game starts lagging really bad.You can still play but it hurts your head :D.

The fact of the "only a few colors in all the game" is cool but, adding a few new colors for customization like yellow, dark(but not that dark) blue,green,orange and some other one.

That's it, thanks for the awesome game, i'd also like to know if i can send somehow models of enemies and swords, i'd like to share them.

Love ya!

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thanks! I'm glad you enjoy noboru! :)

these are all really good ideas that might be better off in something else... like noboru 2. ;)

if you want to send me something or just message me, use my twitter!

Sorry if this seems like a dumb question, but what does upgrading stamina do?

using your sword and dashing requires stamina! so the more you have the more you can slash/dash!

Oh, thanks! Awesome game, by the way; I beat it twice c:

thanks for playing dude, glad you liked it! n_n

I beat it 3

Hey Tera I have a couple of idea's about the game to share

Could you make it possible to interact with the npc's & give the player the ability to change the enemies color's ingame. Lastly I came into this problem 3 times so im gonna bring it up. Whenever I hit the esc button during a run it crashes the game and has corrupted my sav file 2 times out of the 3.

hey dude cool suggestions, thanks for sharing! can I ask what version of windows you are using?

really great, but if you could make a lower particles option, it would really help

to help performance or visibility? :o

what are the controlles  for controller it does not work for me

did you press "8" to toggle controller? it should work. :3

this is a great game though i don't like the controller layout also it doesn't show the controls for the controller

sorry about that I don't think this game works very well with a controller but I had already implemented it so I thought I'd leave it there in case someone did like it. thanks anyway! :]

it works really well with the controller you just need to tweak it to be more better

do you have any suggestions? :o

make it so that the customization is controlled with the d-pad, and LB and RB to switch colurs and stuff on the customization instead of using the pointer to change it

This game could use an endless mode and a campaign maybe.  Other than that, this is a great game to play.  Definitely worth a download.

cheers for playing man and leaving a comment. :] I totally agree with some more modes!

Love the game, haven't beaten it yet though... 

hey dude thanks for playing, you did pretty good. :3 keep up the vids! 


i finished the game 6 times, is really funny! But, there's other finals after "good job bro"

,"That was sick" and another one (i'm a goldfish)

wow nice job! :] you've proved yourself worthy of the sacred prize. 

I'm really glad you enjoyed, thanks for playing! :3


All I can say is that this game is smooth! I really liked the game play, but at times it got super difficult! But obviously it would get harder as you climb higher and higher! But overall I really enjoyed it! great job! :) 

thanks so much dude! I really enjoyed this video haha, you started to gain some pretty decent height. :] 

good luck with the channel, i subscribed! :3


I'm glad you enjoyed my video! and Thank you for your kind words :) keep making awesome games!!!

Deleted 4 years ago
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hey dude!

I understand where you are coming from 100%. I played around with a few ideas like refreshing a jump when you hit an enemy earlier on and it was definitely fun but it always lead to the game becoming too confusing or too easy. 

although I'm sure I could keep tweaking and improving this and it is a project I'd love to come back to and expand upon, so feedback is really helpful.

anyways thanks for playing and taking the time to tell me what you think. :]


Wow, I'm liking this too much! What an awesome game, keep the good work! :D

thanks for the kind words! I really appreciate it. n_n


Just wanted to post this so everyone can see how cool this game is! Really loved it! 

I recommend checking out this video whether you've played noboru or not, its great. :]


Hey random developer, I love this game! the sounds the character makes sound weird sometimes! LOL

you'll never believe this but we literally got mordi from the anime owl arcade to do the voice for us!


This is cool :O It reminds me of downwell, but in reverse. There's a little bug where you can hit multiple upgrade machines before they deduct your currency to go into negative, but it doesn't affect much.

hey man,  thanks so much for checking out the game. it really means a lot. :]

also good catch, I'll fix that up asap!